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Litecoin creator and Director of Engineering at Coinbase, Charlie Lee, recently held a meeting with several of the largest exchanges and mining pools that use.Users and developers who help minimise the growth of the UTXO set will benefit from lower fees compared to those who ignore the impact of their transactions on UTXO growth.

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Like in Bitcoin, Litecoin miners bristle to signal support for SegWit.

Segwit has activated on Litecoin and was followed hours later by the very first Lightning Network payment on the main Litecoin network.Bitcoin Politics Seep into Altcoins: SegWit Adoption Slow Across the Board. Litecoin, SysCoin and Viacoin.However, as implemented, segwit does not make this any easier: with or without segwit, a future soft-fork enabling compact fraud proofs and the benefits they bring, will need to include its own commitment (eg, in the coinbase transaction), rather than being able to extend the commitment data used by segwit.This means that a hardware wallet can simply be given the transaction hash, index, and value (and told what public key was used), and can safely sign the spending transaction, no matter how large or complicated the transaction being spent was.To put this into perspective, Litecoin was the first major currency to activate SegWit. Bitcoin has yet to reap the benefits of SegWit as we speak.Through the use of SegWit, Litecoin is attempting to separate the transaction data from the witness.

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What is SegWit. However, there are also other benefits to SegWit, which are outlined here.As the Bitcoin userbase expands, validating the entire blockchain naturally becomes more expensive.Litecoin Price Doubles as SegWit is Just Around the Corner. Transaction malleability is one of the key benefits,.

Segwit prevents third-party and scriptSig malleability by allowing Bitcoin users to move the malleable parts of the transaction into the transaction witness, and segregating that witness so that changes to the witness does not affect calculation of the txid.To maintain the decentralised, trustless nature of Bitcoin, it is important to allow those who cannot afford to validate the entire blockchain to at least be able to cheaply validate as much of it as they can afford.

Bitcoin Politics Seep into Altcoins: SegWit Adoption Slow

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Their decisions depend on their benefits from both platforms whether Bitcoin Unlimited or SegWit.CoinDesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which has an ownership stake in Lightning Labs.

Segregated Witness, or SegWit, is the name used for a soft fork change in the transaction format of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin which has already been implemented on.After setting a new all-time high on strong technology improvements, the outlook looks positive for litecoin, the fifth-largest cryptocurrency.Update Cancel. SegWit helps a crypto asset like Litecoin (where SegWit is already.

Segwit resolves this by using HASH160 only for payments direct to a single public key (where this sort of attack is useless), while using 256-bit SHA256 hashes for payments to a script hash.At least one other Lightning Network startup, ACINQ, has also tested Lightning Network on litecoin.According to Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, many people do not know the meaning of Segregated Witness (SegWit).

This is expected to encourage users to favour the use of transactions that minimise impact on the UTXO set in order to minimise fees, and to encourage developers to design smart contracts and new features in a way that will also minimise the impact on the UTXO set.Many industry players are expecting that Bitcoin will experience the same price growth as Litecoin following SegWit.Segwit improves the situation here by making signature data, which does not impact the UTXO set size, cost 75% less than data that does impact the UTXO set size.