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Not only silk: other trading goods of the Silk Road. In the Middle Ages the Venetian merchant Marco Polo named the caravan routes silk roads.Beijing is modelling their grand trade plan on the ancient route made between Europe and China made famous by Venetian trader Marco Polo.

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He was born to a wealthy family of Venetian merchants in the year 1254 AD.In the 13th century, a young Venetian named Marco Polo set out with his father and uncle on a great adventure.

Information about trade route in the dictionary,. followed by Marco Polo in the 13th century to reach Cathay) Learn English with.In the year 1271 Marco Polo, age 17, set out from Venice with his father and uncle on a journey across Asia.Great interesting ancient Silk Road China culture facts about history, trade routes, map, Marco Polo travels trail, ethnic minority groups, language, historical.The Silk Road was a series of trade routes that allowed merchants to transport goods.The road also carried other things: culture, armies and religion.The Silk Road In 1274, Italian explorers Marco and Niccolo Polo set out on a 24 year journey in which they traveled the famous Silk Road from Italy, through brutal.Log in Subscribe today for full access on your desktop, tablet, and mobile device.

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Use the worksheet to identify study points. it opened up trade routes.Polo created trade routes and also strengthened The Silk Road.

Following a series of trade routes, they traveled across the vast continent of Asia and became the first Europeans to visit the Chinese capital (modern Beijing).COMMENT EMAIL MORE Most fathers and sons dreaming of a trip together that they could talk about for years might head to the Adirondacks for some camping and hiking, New York City for a Yankees game or maybe even California, taking in the American West.Beginning in about 100 BC, a network of overland trade routes.

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What would possibly draw any Westerner to this part of the world.Introduction to Map of the EurAsian Trade Routes in the 13Th Century. 9. Marco Polo the Elder was partners in trade with.

Venice, Italy was a vibrant city at the center of the trade route between the East and the.

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Best known for his overland travels in the late 13th century that opened up European trade with Central Asia and China along the Silk Roads, Marco Polo returned to.


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Their adventures would make great scenes in the next Indiana Jones movie.History Stories 11 Things You May Not Know About. 11 Things You May Not Know About Marco Polo. land along the once-prosperous trading route known as.Marco Polo: Biography of Marco Polo,. he may have described from information gathered en route. and revenues collected from the trade in salt and.Dan and Jerry used VIP Travel of Rochester for booking flights, obtaining visas and other details.Instead the Stolls traveled the northern Alexander the Great Route below Russia.The earliest traders between Europe and the Far East crossed Asia over land routes often.