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Instead of giving me the Amazon card that I originally wanted, they gave me a ticket for cash minus the roughly 10%.Coinstar kiosks turn the coins you toss in a jar into something you really want—like cash, a NO FEE eGift Card, or a charity donation.I went first to the in-store bank, where I exchanged some bills for coins, then went over to the coin counting machine.Many other banks will accept coins but they take a fee for sorting them.You know, the ones that sit in the grocery store behind the checkout aisles.

With the store zip code, a range of possible dates and only an estimate of the amount,.Coinstar (NASDAQ:CSTR) is most known for its coin-counting kiosks in grocery stores.

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Same thing happened to me, I selected the gift card option and only after it counted all my coins did it tell me that the option was unavailable and that I must take cash less 9.8%. I called and told them I would have rolled my own coins if not for the free coin counting that comes with the gift card and they mailed me a check for the fee ammount.Anonymous I agree with the comment re the ink the e gift certificates.

OK I had to test this at the newly installed coin counting dealie at Navy Federal Credit Union.The Amazon Gift Card arrived on Thursday, after I called them.Now, you can cash in those gift cards at Coinstar Exchange for money back.at.

Avoid the fees associated with Coinstar by choosing gift cards.Coinstar hours and Coinstar locations along with phone number and map with driving directions.

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Coinstar machines in the US will take the following coin: 1 Cent (except 1943 Steel and Indian head) 5 Cent (all, including new design) 10 Cent (except Silver 1964.Coinstar, the self-service retail business, prepares for the decline of movie rentals by experimenting with kiosks for products like coffee and electronics.So i waited for the machine to try and catch up (the counter was only at 30 something dollars).

They take a commission (About 5%) for sorting your change out.

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In early 2011, a new look for the Coinstar machines was introduced.

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I wasted at least two hours of my time on three seperate occasions trying to use the gift card machines and Never had any success.

I chose an Amazon.com card, so it just prints out a redemption code on the receipt.Well, now the company is expanding and introducing another red kiosk.The coins were dropping into the hopper.I listened and watched the coin counter.

Mike Wow the same thing happened to me as I tried three different machines and none of them worked and then I was told by an employee that none of them ever work.Coinstar kiosks count all your change for a fee of 9.8 cents on the dollar.Within a month, you could not read the bar code and the restaurant wou.

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Coinstar kiosks at Walmart stores let you turn your coins into cash or no-fee eGift Cards from top brands.

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Okay well I was looking for a way to get cash for my giftcards that I received through Perk.

What is coinstar max amount of change they will take from a person The KGB Agent answer: We are finding no limits to the amount of change you can cash in at a Coin.

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While not a bank, I see these in the local grocery stores all the time.However, my husband called and the service rep was wonderful.

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I called Coinstar, and he told me that I needed to wait until Feb 8, as that was 8 weeks.Since this basically entailed doing nothing except a trip to the grocery store, I figured it would be worth my time.

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Outerwall Inc. (formerly Coinstar, Inc.) is an American company with a network of movie and video game rental kiosks as well as coin-cashing machines.

Then I just go enter that into my Amazon account (like any other Amazon gc) and it saves the balance until the next time I buy something.I tested several machines in my area - southern Nevada - to to see if they worked.