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If you found your coin in circulation, it is worth face value.It would be important to know what the mintmarks and condition are for each of these coins to give you more accurate values.It will help answer your question, help preserve the coin in a safe holder, and ensure that when or if the time comes that you want to sell the coin you should have an easy transaction and make as much as possible.Again another reason I am so thankful that a few peoe like you make themselves available to those of us in the dark.I would hope that you could realize at least 80 percent appraised value.I had so much fun talking with them and they seemed so engaged.The Certified Coin Exchange is the electronic exchange for US Certified Rare Coins.

I have an 1852 large cent braided Liberty Head, with reverse rotation error.If you need better quality images let me know, I had to lower the quality for file size under 2MB.You make me want to learn more and not feel intimidated that I began this hobby at 40 yrs old not 8.

I have no idea how much it would even cost to get them appraised.Most experienced coin traders make a list of the coins they have for trade, to make finding coin trading partners easier.However, some of the best counterfeit coins still deceive the eyes of even advanced coin collectors, coin dealers, and numismatists.

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I had a wonderful time, and I even gave each of the children (40) Lincoln wheat cents and a Florida state quarter (where the event was held).

While my expertise is mainly in U.S. coins and I can tell you that both the Swiss (hole) and British (blunt shear damage) coins have post-mint damage.I do hope you keep checking your change though, there really are treasures out there.I could not make out the reverse side and only the Right facing figure I assumed was a male.I went to three other gold buyers before going to Countryside.

Joshua, My Mom passed away in December last year. She was 93.I first thought they might be silver plugs to fill holes that may have been drilled through the coin (known as coin repairs), but clearly see the reverse appears undamaged by any holes.There are several diagnostics that one can use to decipher an authentic Trade dollar from a replica, though in many cases it takes years of basic knowledge in studying real coins and fakes to learn the differences.Bet that started a frenzy of parents change jars disappearing.

Founded by Byrd Saylor, Jr. in 1959, LNE has been continuously.Find US coin dealers, silver for sale, gold for sale, gold coin dealers, silver coin dealers, bullion dealers and a coin dealer directory.Do NOT join before you read this My Trader Coin review because I reveal the. it is pretty clear that both of these businesses have a near identical.

Find a Coinstar and Coinstar Exchange kiosk located in a grocery store near you.Our company is a Member of MetroWest, Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce, BBB and American Numismatic Association.

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Hi Josh, I have 21 buffalo nickels, the earliest one 1913-1921, 1923-1930, 1934-1937.I remember someone telling me years ago it was minted with less than 100% silver.Check out US Gold Buyers on Yelp. We buy all Gold and Silver coins.